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per service call

additional charges for hardware/software
if required

If you have Cable Modem, or DSL...
I can connect all your computers together so you can use the Internet SECURE and FAST!
prices start at:
includes router & workstation(s) configuration

Jimmy the Geek helps you get the most out of your personal computers - in language that you can understand at a price you can afford...

I keep things simple.

I will fix your small business or home computer quickly - usually same day or next day service. 

I kill malware.

I network and configure your pc or mac.

I tune-up your pc to make it run as fast as the day you bought it.

I make service affordable.

$85.00* flat-rate fee per incident.
*There may be additional charges for hardware or software needed to fix your PC. If there's several things that need fixing, my $85 on-site hourly rate applies. If I don't fix it - there's no charge!

I analyze your needs and can provide you with the affordable system you need.

Would you like your computer to be...

  • more productive for you and quicker to produce the results you want
  • connected to your other computers so you can share your printers, folders, and files?
  • backed-up, so you can store a copy of your valuable information in more than one place?
  • configured and maintained so it is running up-to-date software and hardware?
  • an extension of your personality or business with the development of your own website?
  • a tool that provides business solutions with a custom-built program?
  • or maybe you just need some help with technical writing or web-based documentation (such as a user-guide or an electronic résumé).

The computer is a powerful and complex tool. Rather than having to learn lots of things you don't really need to, I can help use your pc to accomplish just those tasks that are important to you.

The rest of this site is currently under construction. Please call me at 719-360-2734 or contact me at:

Jimmy The Geek
455C E Cheyenne Mtn. Blvd. #143
Colorado Springs, CO 80906-4570



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